Basic Introduction To Beaver Builder 2020:

If you are a student, entrepreneur, blogger, tech-expert, then you must have come across WordPress which hosts more than 30% of the Internet’s website development.

Launched in 2003, WordPress took website development to a new level and opened the doors for people from non-coding backgrounds to express their talents.

Nearly, 75 million websites use WordPress and more than 409 million people view more than 23.6 billion pages each month.

You must be wondering what it does to attract such a large number of people besides having professionals to develop a website.

Well, the answer lies in the cost.

Yes, WordPress can be used for free and it’s built with simple codes that even a high-school grader can create his website by using it.

WordPress provides people with millions of themes and templates, to begin with. All you need is a WordPress installation, some themes, templates, and voila! You are ready. 

Since it is free and everybody loves free things, imagine everyone using those same themes and templates over time which limits the creativity of the user.

To find a solution around this is to either hire a web developer which can be a costly affair not afforded by everyone or to create your website by laying codes brick to brick.

The best alternative is to employ Beaver Builder and develop your website in no time with every element of your choice.

Beaver Builder tutorials can be easily found on YouTube.

Introduction To the Beaver

You must be wondering what miracle this Beaver Builder will do for you so that you can blog or sell your products without much hassle.

Paraphrasing the founder, it is a drag and drop type of plug-in which helps to build your website in minutes not months.

It is a complete toolset that helps a person to create a website easily without pestering about the codes and is very user friendly.

Once you get the hold of its templates and themes, you will never want to go back to using and downloading every plug-in and theme.

The foremost tip of the Beaver builder to be so popular is that one doesn’t require prior knowledge of HTML or any other coding language.

It is called drag and drop because one can easily customize their website by adding magnificent templates and one can sync this tool with their WordPress theme.

Let’s dive deep into the world of crafting a website from graze

Key Features

After gearing up on the introduction of Beaver Builder, it’s time to scratch a little bit more and get started with its unique features:

1) Full Creative Mode:

Just imagine a webpage builder which is very rigid in creating the webpages. What can a person do with that builder if it is not versatile?

It not only binds the hands of the creator with limited creativity but also overused templates are being used.

Therefore, this webpage builder was designed after keeping the needs of users in mind to let them experience a broad category of tools that are associated with it.

Hence, it comes with a free to use child theme which is pretty easy to use as you only have to install Beaver Builder Theme plug-in and you’re ready to go.

In any case, you don’t like the pre-installed themes in the BB theme range then you can seize your WordPress theme. How amazing is that!

Beaver does support or can work on many built-in themes of WordPress, but, wait; I also mentioned that it is designed for customers to have a wide range of tools.

Hence, it is also compatible with customizable themes.

Trust me, the people from 2003 and before are cursing you right now for having such a powerful tool in your hand.

2) Exhausting List of Modules

Modules are the section through which one can design the landing page or webpage with including all the essential elements mentioned below

The developers would love to swim in the river of broad categories of modules as they help in standing out your website from any other platform.

The list includes:

  • HTML
  • Icon and Icon Group
  • Map 
  • Photo
  • Headings
  • Video
  • Text Editor
  • Gallery
  • Accordion 
  • Pricing Tables
  • Buttons 
  • Testimonials
  • Separator
  • Side Bar 
  • Social Buttons

This list is very long to keep on adding things, but you get the gist right

Does this impress you? If not, let’s quickly move on to another feature.

3) White Label

This feature is the masterstroke of this tool and everybody is crazy about this.

Let us suppose you own a company, forum, agency, or agencies then it would look very unprofessional if you will be sending out important information on a page that is already watermarked.

And as they say, the first impression is the last. So to make your first impression as strong as a rock, you need to up your game in the field of WordPress.

No worries, Beaver Builder got your back by providing an exclusive feature which comes under the Agency pack that removes all the watermarked material from your webpage.

Hence, it provides a feature of handling multiple sites from a central point. The super-admin can control the settings of the Beaver builder.

Also, this feature is used with a network-wide control panel.

Happy networking.

4) Support shortcodes and Widgets

When the Beaver Builder tutorial showed me this feature, I was mesmerized by the amount of versatility it provides.

Since it supports shortcodes and widgets, create a whole different room for more customizations.

On the same note for customizations, this tool provides around 12 pre-built templates and 11 inner-page layouts such as customer forms, about us, etc.

You can use any template at any time which goes with the tagline of the webpage.

5) SEO Ready

Search Engine Optimization 

You must have come face to face with this word and might have ignored it after thinking that it’s too complex to understand.

Well, it is a little bit, as it is not a work which is done by a human rather it is conducted with the help of algorithms known as crawlers

These crawlers crawl in the content and look for those specific keywords, more the keywords, more are the chances of your article getting ranked.

SEO is the magic dust that ranks your website in Google search results. Hence, you need a webpage developer that helps you to achieve it.

Look no further, as Beaver Builder is the right webpage developer because it uses the all-rounder SEO standards such as markup and code compression so that your article will be visible in the search box.

6) Mobile Friendly

In this era of smartphones where everybody has access to the android in their hands and with 1GB data, mobile searches may be more prominent than desktop.

Even Google predicted in 2015 that mobile searches will be more than desktop ones and when that happened, they redesigned the width of the Google search engine and made it accessible on the phone.

Hence, your hard work will be in vain if your website doesn’t adjust according to the screen of mobile phones.

Beaver Builder provides that opportunity to design mobile-friendly webpages.

7) Capable in Translation

English is called a global business language; still, I am sure that many of you must have come across a website that supported a single language.

It is bizarre to build a website that cannot even serve the user according to the needs.

Also, it becomes really important in a country like India where the language changes every 10 km, to have a website that has multiple language support.

It is such a relief to know that Beaver Builder supports the WMPL plug-in, through which the website can be made available to people all over the world without the language barrier.

8) Import and Export Function

This function is the lifesaver for all the developers in the world.

Sometimes, the website gets crashed due to various reasons, and the data contained in the site could go lost or the client wants to have it.

When there is no other way around this problem then, the function of Beaver Builder comes into play.

All the data can be imported and exported including templates, rows, modules, and columns to other sites for safekeeping or the client for selling.

This plug-in is very easy to use as shown in the Beaver Builder tutorial. 

  • Go to the tools section
  • Select the portions which are to be exported and click Export a II or Export Selected
  • Then click download export file

This will be downloaded in XML format which can be used later with any WordPress site with Beaver Builder plug-in.

If you want to import your files

  • Go to the tools and select Import
  • Scroll down and click Run Importer

Hope this feature helped in creating a wow moment for you.

9) Create Your Own Store’

For now, everybody must have thought that WordPress is only for bloggers and businessman who wants to generate a side income.

Little did one know that with Beaver Builder you can create your commerce store with simple drag and drop features.

Not only this, when you install woo commerce, but you will also be given two roles

  1. a) Manager: This person has access to all the settings of the commercial store
  2. b) Customer: This is given to the new customers who can make their accounts and view their previous orders.

10) Easy to Use

Do not pardon me if I am saying this twenty-something times that this webpage builder is very easy to use.

One has to drag the things from the table present in the left-hand side and drop them on the white panel in the middle of the canvas.

Yes, it’s that easy.

Not just easy but also fun to explore at the same time as there are many features.

But the best feature is to develop the website on the front-side where you can easily switch in between to see and judge how it will be available to the viewers.

With its engaging style, beaver builder add-ons provide great user experience with less time.

Getting Familiar With Beaver Builder

There are some easy-peasy steps which are needed to be followed to get started with your customized website:

  1. A) Install Beaver Builder Plug-in and theme
  2. B) After purchasing the plan for Beaver Builder, the plug-in and Beaver Builder theme will be present in your WordPress or go to the plug-ins then, click on add new and upload plug-in.
  3. C) Use your license key and enable remote updates and support once the Beaver Builder is uploaded.
  4. D) After that navigate yourself to settings and then click on page builder.
  5. E) Creating a Basic Layout

After landing page builder, look for row layout to cast a structure for the website.

This can be done by adding columns and rows in the area where the other content is placed later on.

You have to simply click on the column option and have to release the click on the area to create a new column.

  1. F) Add various modules and widgets

Simply drag and drop various modules and widgets supported by Beaver Builder as mentioned above in the article.

  1. G) Settings 

After adding a module or widget into a row or column, you will need to modify the settings of every module.

There are generally two tabs under each module called General and Advanced. These two tabs are highly context-sensitive and hence can change with the module itself

For example, Module of Photo has many settings such as crop, light, color, texture, etc, whereas HTML supports very few settings in the General tab.

However, the setting in the Advanced tab does not change for any module.

  1. H) Adjusting the width of the layout

In Beaver Builder, the layout doesn’t spread according to the width of the screen unless some changes are made in the settings.

The alternative of this is to have a GeneratePress theme which includes an option of Page Builder Container which adjusts the width of the page according to the screen.

Some Additional points:

  • You can insert column inside another column only once and more than that cant be stacked in each other.
  • If you want a different color for a row, then it has to be built separately rather than merging them into each other.
  • Empty columns can be used as spacers so that nothing is inserted in that particular space.

Let us also get familiar with Beaver Builder Theme too

  1. A) After installation, head to Appearance, then to themes and select “Add New” and choose upload theme
  2. B) You should be able to see the newly activated theme: Beaver Builder Theme
  3. C) As told earlier, there is a customize theme builder option in this tab which lets you customize your theme by adding a header, footer, widgets, and a wide variety of color templates to choose from.

Headers have two areas which are the top bar and the main header. Simultaneously, Footer also occupies two areas called the main footer area and footer widgets.

The sidebar is not enabled itself hence, it has to be enabled. In the side bar, one can easily remove and add widgets from the admin panel of WordPress.

When you are done with all the customizations then hit the “Save and publish” button to see the preview.

Browser Support:

Beaver Builder supports many browsers namely:

  • Chrome
  • Edge
  • Firefox
  • Safari

However, it does not support operating systems like IOS and Android.

Where to Get Beaver Builder?

The Beaver Builder can be ordered from the company’s official website

The members of the site also try to solve the problems of people while working with Beaver Builder.

Pros & Cons


  • It is very useful to create a website just like the ones built on codes in no time.
  • No coding or programming skills required
  • Front –end editing
  • Widgets of WordPress can be used inside its content blocks
  • Supports WordPress themes
  • More than 30 templates to improve your landing page and content page


  • There are other products such as Elementor and Divi which are less costly than this
  • One needs Beaver Builder Add-ons for extra features
  • There is no undo option on the command Ctrl+Z/ CMD+Z
  • Not able to change the width of the theme.


How much this is all for? You must be wondering!

This table puts the review on behalf of me for you

It’s quite expensive rather than Elementor and Divi for sure and if you want to add more furnished theme then Beaver Builder Theme has to be brought separately which costs around $147.

If you are a person that is just starting with the venture then the pro plan will fit your needs.

If the website is already up and gaining enough profit then the standard plan will work out just fine.

However, the agency plan only adds a luxury of white-label; otherwise, the features are the same as in pro.

Sadly there is no free trial for this tool but the company provides a demo on their website.

Beyond this, it can be used on an unlimited number of websites.

Customer Support

The staff persons behind this company work day in and day out to help you with your queries to get resolved on time.

The team is well known for getting back to people in 24 to 48 hours.

This hardworking crew is available from Monday to Thursday from 9 AM to 4 PM PST and on Friday from 9 AM to12PM.


👉 Are any discounts offered on renewal subscription?

Yes, a 40% discount will be automatically applied at the time of renewal and the account can be used. If someone doesn’t want to renewal, he can enjoy the account for 2 weeks after the license expires.

👉 Before buying, is it possible to try Beaver Builder first?

Yes, we demonstrate a free demo to the people who are ready to take a plunge. There is also a lite version at, but with limited features.

🔥 How many sites does Beaver Builder support?

Beaver Builder supports an unlimited number of websites so use it wisely.

Final Verdict:

The Beaver Builder tutorials host a lot of promising features and add-ons to be put on the table.

The market is saturated in terms of the product; hence, there are many options available such as Elementor and Divi to find the product at lower rates.

There are some pros with the Beaver which are not present in other tools such as white label feature or its compliance with unlimited websites.

It all boils down to your choice.

It is better to test every brand possible to get a hold of their own choices and preferences, some people might not like its feature.


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