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Ever seen stunning web pages on the internet and wondered how difficult it must’ve been to make them? Beaver Builder Templates help to make it possible.   

Their elegant yet flashy designs would’ve taken a lot of hours and a ton of money to have been made, right? Wrong! Most of the stylish and attractive web pages you see on popular websites are from pre-designed templates.

We have already given a review of Beaver Builder. To know more about Beaver Builder Review click here.

There are thousands of such templates available for you to choose from. And hence, it is easy to get confused and choose the wrong option that could even regress your website. But you won’t be making that mistake since you are here reading this.

Our detailed review and sharp, unbiased analysis will provide you with everything needed to make a wise, informed decision.

Here, we will talk about Beaver Builder Templates. Let us look at them more closely to decide if they are the right choice for you.

If you are wondering what this blog is about, check out the following questions that will be discussed in this entire blog:

  • What are these Beaver Builder Templates?
  • How many Beaver Builder Templates will be available to use?
  • What are the different templates provided by Beaver Builder?
  • What is the pricing plan of Beaver Builder Templates?
  • Is there a support available for Beaver Builder?
  • What are the pros and cons of using these templates?
  • Are these templates mobile responsive?
  • What are some good beaver builder templates?

Overview of Beaver Builder Templates

Beaver Builder is a drag & drop page builder tool based in California, USA. Found in 2014, Beaver Builder is recognized as one of the best page building tools in 2021. And a key part of their success is due to the stunning and easy-to-use templates that they provide.

Their extensive range of templates covers everything from health & fashion to tech & business. 

Although they recommend the Beaver Builder theme, Beaver Builder provides flexible templates that be used with almost every theme. Their designs are 100% mobile-responsive and their highly customizable templates make it a boon for any non-techie.

Widely considered as the best alternative to hiring a designer, they provide cheaper designs at a fraction of the time. After all, their motto is – “Build your website in minutes, not months.”

beaver builder templates

Why Beaver Builder Templates?

 Beaver Builder is a popular landing page builder tool for WordPress. What makes their templates stand out is their highly customizable and flexible designs. Their vast array of collections promises you a design template for any project you need.

Be it landing pages to get high conversion rates, or content pages to reduce bounce rates. The templates from Beaver Builder are functional as well, apart from being aesthetically pleasing. 

Types of Templates

There are mainly two types of templates: Landing page templates and content page templates. Beaver Builder provides you with exhaustive options from both of these template types.   

Landing Page Templates

Landing pages are the most important web pages on a website. If you have a business-based website, it is a cardinal sin to not have landing pages. Landing pages are what glues the window-shoppers to your website and entice them to make a purchase.

Apart from being pleasing to look at with minimalist designs, they must also be able to fulfill their primary function.

Beaver Builder Landing Page Templates

Following are the popular landing page templates provided by Beaver Builder:

  • Small business template
  • Fitness or gym template
  • Fashion blog template
  • Law firm template
  • Photography portfolio template
  • Musician/band/DJ template
  • Fullscreen template
  • Web agency template
  • eBook template
  • Mobile app template
  • Coming soon template

Content Page templates

Content pages are usually overlooked when it comes to designing a website. But many people fail to realize that having shoddy content pages will drastically reduce the SEO ranking of a website.

This can be a major turn-off for your visitors and they will see it as a mark of unprofessionalism. Professional & elegant content pages are necessary to make a good impression on your potential clients. They will also help to improve your reputation as a brand.

Following are the popular content page templates provided by Beaver Builder:

  • About our company template
  • About us page
  • Services page
  • Photography portfolio
  • Web design portfolio
  • Team page template
  • Contact page
  • FAQ page
  • Pricing page
  • Newsletter subscription
  • Traditional blog template

Small Business Template

These are some of the most popular templates since almost all small businesses have started going online. If you want to have customers subscribed to your products & services, they should feel like they are being valued.

Having elegant and professional-looking designs would make your brand appear more trustworthy to potential clients. The default small business template name in Beaver Builder is Probiz.

Small Business Beaver Builer Template

Including the below-mentioned points are crucial for creating a compelling landing page for small businesses:

  • A tagline that sets you apart from the competition.
  • Brief description of the services you provide.
  • Using a clear and distinctive writing style.
  • Avoid using flashy colors.
  • Display your client numbers to project your success.
  • Exhibit your famous clients to enhance your reputation.
  • Include a one-click to more know more about your most popular product or service. 

Fitness/Gym Template

People looking to join a gym or start on a fitness program will be spoiled for choices as there are a ton of them around. So it is important to ensure that you provide something different from your competitors.

Your subscription rates will increase rapidly if your visitors feel like your fitness program/gym membership will not be a waste of their time & money. The default fitness/gym template name in Beaver Builder is The Body Factory.

Keep these tips in mind while selecting a fitness/gym template:

  • Include pictures that will resonate with your customers.
  • Use strong writing fonts.
  • Present your programs, instructors & facilities.
  • Give simple choices like setting goals, picking trainers, etc.
  • Promote special events to make your service more unique.
  • Throw in some motivational quotes to set the tone.
  • Display your pricing plans in detail.

Yoga and Fitness beaver builder templates

EBook Template

EBook Template

Selling eBooks are the ideal way to generate some extra revenue on your website. This can also be used to promote newsletters and opt-in services. Doing this will give you higher conversion rates & solidify your credibility in the eyes of existing customers.

The default eBook template name in Beaver Builder is “Moon Landing for the Rest of us.” Some steps for building a great eBook template are:

  • Add a captivating image along with the title of your eBook.
  • Enumerate in bullet points exactly what readers can know by reading your eBook.
  • Increasing urgency by the limited time offer tags or countdown clocks for special offers.
  • Display good reviews about the eBook from famous personnel or brands.
  • Disclose all the contents & extras that come along with the eBook.
  • Include an option for your visitors to sign-up offering them newsletters and information on future publications. 

Mobile App Template

Mobile App Template

The number of people who use smartphones vastly outnumbers personal computer users. Hence it is crucial to provide an option for mobile users to tap into this colossal market.

Beaver Builder provides mobile app templates for both iOS and android operating systems. The default mobile app template name in Beaver Builder is Procraz.

A few tips to keep in mind while selecting the perfect mobile app template:

  • Increase the responsiveness by adding user-friendly elements that will fit perfectly on any screen.
  • Use popular icons & features like hamburger menu, tab bar, collapsible menu, full-screen navigation, etc. 
  • Ensure fast loading speed by optimizing your app regularly.
  • Avoid clunky app elements and keep it light and simple.   

Web Agency Template

If you are running a web agency or other visually creative endeavors, it’s imperative that your website reflects your abilities. This is a special case in which your website in itself becomes your greatest marketing tool.

Be on the safe side and choose a stunning template that matches the level of your refinement & sophistication. The default web agency template name in Beaver Builder is Beaver Agency.

Some pointers to reduce your selection headache are:  

  • Have an option to let your visitors scroll on your homepage and marvel at the designs. 
  • Choose the design options according to your persona. 
  • Go for a full-screen content width if you are expressive and adventurous. Or choose boxed-width content if you want your website to remain professional.
  • Select a static header with content as your website header to appear more formal towards your potential clients.
  • Input innovative menu bare to wow your visitors with your artistic tastes combined with creative functionalities.  

Coming Soon Template

Coming Soon Template

You may have a lot of ideas on how to improve and grow your website. Do not sit on them. Insert those ideas onto your website and use it as an opportunity to increase your conversion rates through opt-ins. 

  • Use countdown clocks and timers to initiate excitement in a visitor.
  • Provide an option for email updates for your visitors to keep them in the loop. 
  • Explain briefly what is happening without giving away too much information.
  • Make sure to include your social media accounts on the coming soon page. 

“About Us” Page

This is the web page on your website that makes you trustworthy to your visitors & clients. Customers are eager to know more about the people they are doing business with.

Use this as an opportunity to highlight your biggest achievements that will create a lasting impression with your clients. Keep these tips in mind while building an “about us” page:

  • Drop your professional shield and get more personal with your visitors. 
  • Make sure to include photos of you and your team.
  • Cut down on the hype and strive to be more genuine.
  • Express your personal & professional values and try to forge a connection with your visitors. 

About Us templates

Services Page

This is an obligatory section especially if you have a service-oriented business. No matter how enticing your landing pages are, you will not gain those conversions if your services aren’t adequately described.

How you present your services goes a long way in making a visitor turn into a client. Here are a few key factors to be mindful of while building your service page:

  • Write about your list of features & elaborate on how they would benefit your clients.
  • Utilize bullet points & subheadings to be more reader-friendly.  
  • Use layman’s terms while describing complex services to connect more with your visitors.
  • Provide specifics to be more unique and personal.  

Services Page


Pricing Page 

Pricing pages are the final pieces of the puzzle. If your visitors come this far, then you are pretty close to making a sale.

Hence, it is crucial to have a concise and comprehensive coverage of all your pricing plans. There are several designs available to illustrate a pricing plan that would go well with your website. Remember:

  • A pricing page that isn’t user-friendly will lose business.
  • Table-type pricing will allow your visitors to compare various plans side by side with a quick buy option. 
  • Providing FAQs below your pricing plans will clear any doubts and make your content more user-friendly to your clients.  

Pricing | Beaver Builder Templates

Beaver Builder consists of a three-tier pricing plan. They are divided into Standard, Pro & Agency packs. All plans can be used for an unlimited number of websites. The price increases as the number of features increases.

  • Standard plan – Use Beaver Builder for an unlimited number of websites at $99. All premium modules and templates are also included in this plan.
  • Pro plan – Includes everything from Standard plan and additionally provides Beaver Builder Theme & multisite support on WordPress for $199. 
  • Agency plan – Includes everything from Pro plan and additionally provides White Labelling at $399. White labeling is a feature that will let you edit absolutely everything in core templates.   

There is a free demo available that you can use to familiarise yourself with the builder. But it includes only the very basic features & doesn’t provide any pre-built templates. They also offer a 30-day refund policy in case you are not satisfied with their services. 

Even though it is a one-time payment offer, you’ll need to pay yearly if you want their supports and updates. They offer a 40% discount for renewal on all their plans. 


Support | Beaver Builder Templates

Beaver Builder blog has an exhaustive collection of helpful articles to guide you through the basics & functions. They also have a ticket raising system to provide support to any queries you may have.

Their support is only available during working hours (7:00 am to 7:00 pm PST) and not on weekends or national holidays. They do not have phone support or live chat support. However, there are Facebook groups & online community forums to answer any questions you may have. 

What support covers:

  • Installation – Any queries on how to install Beaver Builder
  • Configuration – Will clear any doubts regarding configuring Beaver Builder on your website
  • General usage – Any questions you may have on its general usage
  • Bug fixes – Any bugs will be fixed as soon as it is brought to their attention

What support doesn’t cover:

  • Third-party products & services
  • External add-ons & extensions
  • Customization support
  • General queries on WordPress

Multiple online reviews have labeled their support as inadequate & slow responsive. This is an area that could be improved.

The Good & the Bad | Beaver Builder Templates

The Good Stuff

  • Lightning-fast page builder. They live up to their motto with their quick front-end page builder.
  • A vast array of templates to choose from. Choose from over 40+ premium templates and a block library suitable for any type of business. 
  • A dependable solution. One of the few page builders that are reliable & which won’t let you down.
  • Ultra-modern & sleek designs. Inclusive of all the latest & trendy designs to keep up with the times.
  • Perfect for web developing agencies. Due to their extensive selection of templates & the ability to use them on an unlimited number of websites. 
  • Their Agency plan includes an enticing White labeling option. White labeling is a feature that will let you edit absolutely everything in core templates.   

The Bad Stuff 

  • It is slightly on the expensive side. There are cheaper page builder alternatives available.
  • Customer support is inadequate & slow responsive. This is an area that could be improved to keep up with growing demands.
  • Lack of versatility in pricing plans. The Standard and Pro plans offer almost the same features for a steep difference in price. 
  • Can run into problems while integration templates with themes outside of Beaver Builder Theme. 

Beaver Builder Customer Reviews

Beaver Builder Testimonial Beaver Builder Customer Review User Review Beaver Builder review by User

FAQs | Beaver Builder Templates

❓Are landing pages important for a website?

Landing pages are the most important web pages on a website. If you have a business-based website, it is a cardinal sin to not have landing pages. Landing pages are what glues the window-shoppers to your website and entice them to make a purchase. Apart from being pleasing to look at with minimalist designs, they must also be able to fulfill their primary function.

❓What are the benefits of selling an eBook on your website?

Selling eBooks are the ideal way to generate some extra revenue on your website. This can also be used to promote newsletters and opt-in services. Doing this will give you higher conversion rates & solidify your credibility in the eyes of existing customers.

❓Can I make mobile responsive templates using Beaver Builder?

Absolutely! The number of people who use smartphones vastly outnumbers personal computer users. Hence you must provide an option for mobile users so that you can tap into this colossal market. Beaver Builder provides mobile app templates for both iOS and android operating systems.

❓What should I do once I have installed the Beaver builder?

Get started! Once you have created a new page, launch the beaver builder plugin and start customizing.

❓How much does Beaver Builder cost?

The Beaver Builder Lite version is available for free while the Standard Plan starts at $99/year and the Pro plan costs $199/year. The Agency plan costs $399/year.

❓Does Beaver builder work with any theme?

Beaver Builder provides hundreds of themes & layouts that are customizable. It is one of the best page builders available in the market that can work with any and every theme.

❓Beaver Builder Review: The Best Content Builder Around? Truth or Hype?

Even if you have no experience creating or maintaining websites, Beaver Builder's drag-and-drop capabilities will likely enable you to generate amazing content. Additionally, Beaver Builder's interaction with the user is very intuitive. It has real front-end editing, which means that creating content pages or landing pages is similar to working with a Word document. So, we can say that it is the truth.

❓Beaver Builder Review (Hands-On): Is It the Best WordPress Page Builder in 2021?

Yes, it is. It functions the same as the WP theme customizer, but much better. Nothing, in terms of WordPress website creation, can bind your hands with Beaver Builder. The free edition is brimming with incredible features that make it suitable for even the real world WP applications.

❓Beaver Builder Review – Is It Good Or Bad?

Despite its shortcomings, Beaver Builder remains a dependable and simple-to-use WP page builder plugin that I have used to construct stunning websites. Its clean code, developer-friendly features, consistent updates, and excellent support all combine to make it one of the finest page builders available.

❓What Can You Use Beaver Builder For / What is WordPress Beaver Builder?

It is helpful for anyone with a website. It is the industry's finest drag-and-drop page builder for WordPress. It enables you to quickly and simply build stunning websites and landing pages without writing a single line of code. Beaver Builder enables you to work more efficiently, not harder. For all WP Engine clients, It is the perfect WordPress page builder.

❓Is Beaver Builder Right For You?

It is. It is an excellent page builder with several unique quirks and features geared at experienced web developers. It has a slick UI and a respectable template collection, but it falls short when it comes to price.

❓Why use Beaver Builder?

It is a drag-and-drop page builder that enables you to quickly construct drag-and-drop page layouts from the front-end view of your site without touching a single line of code. It's lightweight and adaptable, with a plethora of design choices for all levels of WordPress users.

❓What is a WP Page Builder Plugin?

A simple WP page builder plugin may enable you to create stunning custom layouts and landing pages for your site. With a page builder plugin, you can quickly and easily add any kind of content to a website by dragging and dropping ready-made content components, such as widgets, modules, and blocks.

❓Is Beaver Builder SEO-friendly?

Yes, it is. You may certainly construct an SEO-friendly website using Beaver Builder if the other components used to make the website complement each other and are also SEO-friendly. The following is a breakdown of the main components required for SEO success.

❓Is Beaver Builder fast?

It certainly is. It is a drag-and-drop application based on the Bootstrap framework that promises to be quick and lightweight.


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The Verdict on Beaver Builder Templates

With their extensive range & alluring designs, Beaver Builder Templates are massive in the pre-made template market.

Their usability and customization features further enhance their reputation as the top template provider. But they have certain drawbacks like being expensive & having poor customer support. There are free alternatives available like Elementor or Brizy if you are low on budget.

And Divi provides a plethora of templates at almost the same cost. However, Beaver Builder is one of the most reliable page builders available & you won’t regret having it.   

Beaver Builder On Social Media

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