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In this post, we’ll walk you through what Beaver Builder landing pages are and how to create a landing page using Beaver Builder.

We’ll start with the basics and work our way up to some more advanced features in order to give you as much insight into the builder as possible so that no matter what your skill level is, you can easily create an effective landing page for your business or organization.

Beaver Builder takes this one step further by providing you with an easy drag-and-drop editor which will allow you to create your own custom landing page without any coding knowledge necessary!

Let’s dive right into how to use Beaver Builder for creating a successful landing page that captures leads for your business!

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Beaver Builder is a free WordPress theme that has been developed for website builders. With its drag and drop interface, Beaver Builder provides you with the ability to create your own unique website without having any coding knowledge.

The landing page contains screenshots, video tutorials, and a live preview section that will allow you to see what your site looks like as it is being built before launching it online. Landing pages are a single call-to-action, which is usually related to a product or service. There are many different ways to persuade your potential client of your product or service.

About: Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is a WordPress website builder and uses a simple drag-and-drop design method. It is a well-known tool and most clientele can tell when it is used.

There is a sense of reliability that comes from using Beaver Builder and seeing the interesting but distinct formats that users have gotten creative with.

beaver builder review

You can start from scratch to unleash your creative senses, or start with a template that gives you a rough idea of how you want yours to look. Look around from the hundreds of templates Beaver Builder has to offer for their landing pages and pick your best fit! 

  • Looking for a complete website builder? Read the detailed Tailor Brands Review and find if its for you?

Know what this blog tells about by looking at the questions given below:

  • What is a Landing Page?
  • What is the importance of a Landing Page?
  • What is the use of Beaver Builder Landing Page?
  • How does Beaver Builder help in making an effective Landing Page?
  • What are the features of Beaver Builder Landing Page?
  • Which types of themes, templates and layouts are available to use?
  • What are the available pricing plans of Beaver Builder?
  • What are the pros and cons of Beaver Builder?

What is a Landing Page? 

What does it mean to have a landing page? What does a landing page look like to you? 

To begin with, the purpose of a landing page is simple; a singular call-to-action. Furthermore, a landing page is meant to be viewed by a distinct audience.

You need to efficiently strategize a particular landing page for a particular kind of crowd. It is essential to know what it is that attracts the crowd you are interested in being popular with. For example, a food-related landing page will most certainly bait a majority of the female population.

 A landing page holds itself apart from other types of web pages. What this means is that a good-looking website may not necessarily be a good example of a landing page.

Oftentimes, the best landing pages have one offer. Everything is focused on that one conversion. Visitors can reach your landing page either through ads or a link on the google search page.

The job of your landing page is to grab their attention and persuade them to make a decision that is favorable to you. This is done in many different ways. 

Beaver Builder Landing Page Templates

Another example that showcases the prior statements is when you can have a place for viewers to sign-up with their email, or perhaps you can distribute coupons, or even host a competition.

You want to drive your visitors to the intended call to action, and of course, you can use creative and innovative methods to do it.  

Not to mention, what is the difference between a webpage and a landing page?

In short, a landing page is more precise and to the point, not deviating from its main focus, whereas a web page sometimes tends to even overwhelm you with everything it presents in front of you.

In addition to this, another good way to bring viewers to your landing page is to give incentives. If you allow your viewers to feel like they are gaining something, or striking an opportunistic deal, then your page is doing something right.

A way to do this, perhaps, is if your product is a collection of household cleaning items, then perhaps you could offer your audience free tips to keep your house or flat clean. 

Why is the Landing Page Crucial? 

It is crucial to have a landing page because it gives the audience exactly what they want. A landing page must present fewer to no distractions from the primary goal. Everything on the page contributes to a single cause and shows the viewer a choice.

This choice to make, whatever it may be, is often singular. The more options a webpage offers, the less likely anyone is going to choose something at all.

The goal of a landing page is to make the viewer make the decision you and your products need. Furthermore, landing pages can be duplicated and used for different functions.

They are an essential tool for online marketing and a really efficient way to bring you and your company more traffic from online viewers. It is important for really getting your brand out there and more viewers. 

Are you spending too much time, money, and effort on a landing page that isn’t converting the way you want?

Solution: With Beaver Builder, you can quickly create a landing page that’s optimized for conversion. Their drag-and-drop builder lets you focus on what matters most, not the technical details. With this tool, you can create a responsive, mobile-friendly landing page in just a few minutes. Their templates are built with conversion in mind, with features like high-impact CTAs, attractive designs, and Google Analytics integration.

How To Make An Effective Landing Page on Beaver Builder?

Excited to begin your experience with Beaver Builder but unsure how to? No need to be baffled and have faith in yourself!

We are glad to help give you the basic steps that you will require to begin your Beaver builder journey.

Landing Pages with wordpress and Beaver Builder

Here are a few short and easy steps that will guide you through the right path to end up with an exquisite landing page:

  1. Compose for yourself a simple WordPress background suitable enough for a sales website. You are not looking for beauty or complexity, but rather minimalism and clarity. 
  2. Then install any of the free-themed logos, and configure them. Don’t make it too flashy, just enough to be identifiable and give your landing page credibility. 
  3. Even get yourself a layout free of cost, and configure it. There are several layouts available that can be used to construct a landing page. 
  4. The next step is to download Beaver Builder.
  5. Then advance to use their beginner-friendly drag and drop tool to make yourself the required landing page. You will notice that you have many different modules to pick and choose from. For example, the call-to-action layout, or the testimonial layout, which will be further discussed. 
  6. In the above step, you have the flexibility of adding texts, adding photos, adding all sorts of buttons, go to town and create for yourself a perfect landing page.
  7. Last but not least, add a contact form, or a sign-up sheet,  absolutely free. As mentioned earlier, there are many ways to create an effective landing page, and a contact site is a good place to gain a potential customer.  

Features: Beaver Builder Landing Pages

Unlimited Sites:

This means that you can use the Beaver Builder plug-in on any number of sites. There is no limitation on how many sites you create.

This can be utilized for making many different landing pages for your products. The landing page does not have to be overly complicated for elegantly designed but rather needs to be short and quick.

This allows for higher efficiency. You can save modules and they will be put in an easily accessible space for your drag and drop comfort. 

Page Builder Plugin:

In particular, Beaver Builder offers a very useful contact form for the usage of landing pages.

Through the usage of plugins, you can also use the contact forms for more than just traditional uses. Many plugins like this go together well with the page builders.

World-Class Support:

world class support at Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder offers support in many different ways. The most relevant aspect of support seen in the many articles and FAQs that are promoted on the site.

There are comprehensive guides and dictionaries for the terminology used in digital marketing, and many “how-to” videos and articles regarding all the features and updates of Beaver Builder.

Most of the support, however, is offered almost exclusively on the website itself. There is a support ticketing system in place.

A support ticketing system is a software package that exclusively manages lists and organizes all the observed or advised issues.

This allows for optimum and efficient interaction between the support teams and the clientele. Tickets are opened when the issue is introduced and dealt with, after which is it promptly closed and recorded for further research. 

Premium Modules and Templates:

EBook Template

You can choose between basic and advanced modules to pick the ones best suited for your site. In specific, there is the testimonial and call-to-action module that could be helpful while building a landing page.

There is in fact an entire library full of themes and templates for users to look at and mix and match if needed.

You can add to the library by creating new and reusable page layouts, modules, and rows. The testimonial module allows you to use customer feedback in the form of a testimonial.

The number of testimonials you can add to your site is unlimited and you can add them in any format you’d like. 

Do It Yourself (DIY) Launching:

A feature most suitable and commonly used for the younger generation. It includes attributes specially designated for hosting independent platforms.

Publish personal interests, hobbies, creativity, and basically anything that comes to your mind which you have the confidence to bring in front of the public eye.

Are you proud of your art? Do you think of yourself as a budding author? Perhaps an underrated Baker? This is perfect for you to bring your talent out into the open. Be sure to make enormous profits out of something you may be genuinely good at with this feature of Beaver Builder.

Multisite Potential:

Build and be in charge of multiple websites without having more than one WordPress Dashboard. Either be in charge of all of them or a lot of them to people working under you, the choice is yours.

Have the liberty to handle all your sites from just one place instead of having to visit numerous websites in a rush and finding yourself in a muddle.

You can even grant limited access to people and allow them to create sites of their own but be the mastermind behind it all. You will be restricted to use the same themes and plugins, but that should hardly be a problem if all your sites are related to the same workspace. For example, education.


Bid farewell to a language barrier that seems nearly impossible to overcome. Translate Press is one of the most renowned features.

It allows you to expand your business across the globe without the need to travel. You need not pay through your nose to hire a translator.

Develop a multilingual website and broaden the path of your business into countries of your choice with ease. It is super easy to use. All you have to do is select the text you need translated and allow your clients from different countries to view your website.

Completely Optimized SEO:

If you are too proud of all your work and it seems nearly impossible to categorize your website according to its order of importance, this feature is perfect for you.

Sit back and allow it to do the needful. It links itself with google to arrange different pages of your website in the order of their importance.

A super easy, reliable, and convenient way to generate important links, such as real estate, etc more frequently than those of less importance.

Pricing Plans of Beaver Builder

You are only a package away from building yourself a supreme landing page! 

Beaver Builder Category is offering you three stupefying pricing packages.

Purchase anyone and earn the privilege to use over one lakh website using Beaver builder.

The three packages are listed below:

1. Agency @ $399

2. Pro @ $199

3. Standard @ $99

Each of the above offers will have to be renewed annually.

Scrutinize the Features available for each of them and select the one that will benefit you most!


Pros and Cons of Beaver Builder 

Even the most flawless-looking artifacts have flaws. Similarly, in spite of being the best landing page builder, it has its cons.

Furthermore, having both the pros and cons of a situation helps you make an unbiased decision. You could go through the list and ask yourself whether you think the pros outweigh the cons. 

You need not worry because its Perks certainly overpower their petite flaws and hence manage to keep it at the top!

Listed below are some of the good qualities as well as drawbacks of the Beaver Builder Category.


  • Modules, as well as rows, can be conserved to re-utilize all over the world.
  • Even on the least expensive plan, you have access to an indefinite number of sites.
  • The help assistance offered is certainly well grounded.
  • Re-using and saving the templates is something that they allow.
  • An ocean of templates to choose from.
  • The interface is easy to use even for a beginner.
  • The security system is so developed that you have the power to decide who all have access to it.
  • Abundant flexibility for the creation of a site from scratch.


  • It lies slightly towards the expensive end of the spectrum.
  • Control Z will not help you take back a step or erase your mistake.
  • The limitations of your theme cannot be subdued by Beaver Builder.
  • The addition of custom CSS code is not possible in content modules.
  • Loading for every step takes a long time.
  • There is even a restriction on the flexibility of themes to some extent.

Beaver Builder User Reviews

wpbeaverbuilder- features

FAQs On Beaver Builder Landing Pages

👌🏼How does Beaver Builder’s white labeling feature function?

Beaver Builder’s White Label feature proves to their customers that they do care! It points out that their priority is to provide their customers with the necessary attention. This is basically a feature that allows you to replace any Beaver Builder broadcast/advertisement with a logo or emblem of your own. Though this prevents Beaver Builder mentions on the front end of your page, this is only applicable to the back end of your personal website.

👍🏾How do multi-site support and network-wide settings differ from each other in Beaver Builder?

The pro package of Beaver builder, when purchased allows multisite downloads. The pro offers, basically the multi-site support that it provides, needs you to compose Beaver Builder settings on every individual site. On the other hand, the network-wide settings panel is offered by the agency package, you can configure your Beaver Building settings on all the sites that are included in your channel. You can then alter those settings individually, and at your own pace.

👏🏼Can Beaver Builder make my landing page for me?

Sadly not! Beaver Builder no longer offers web design as a service. However, it is not difficult to find a capable freelancer or agency to help you do this. In fact, Beaver Builder has a list of recommended workers. This list includes naming a few, MindMeld Creative, Webinly, and Marg Raffel.

👱🏻‍♀️Can I make mobile responsive templates using Beaver Builder?

Absolutely! The number of people who use smartphones vastly outnumbers personal computer users. Hence you must provide an option for mobile users so that you can tap into this colossal market. Beaver Builder provides mobile app templates for both iOS and android operating systems.

💁How much does Beaver Builder cost?

The Beaver Builder Lite version is available for free while the Standard Plan starts at $99/year and the Pro plan costs $199/year. The Agency plan costs $399/year.

🤷‍♂️Does Beaver builder work with any theme?

Beaver Builder provides hundreds of themes & layouts that are customizable. It is one of the best page builders available in the market that can work with any and every theme.

👦Is Beaver Builder the best content builder?

Even if you have no experience creating or maintaining websites, Beaver Builder's drag-and-drop capabilities will likely enable you to generate amazing content. Additionally, Beaver Builder's interaction with the user is very intuitive. It has real front-end editing, which means that creating content pages or landing pages is similar to working with a Word document. So, we can say that it is the truth.

👊Beaver Builder Review (Hands-On): Is It the Best WordPress Page Builder in 2021?

Yes, it is. It functions the same as the WP theme customizer, but much better. Nothing, in terms of WordPress website creation, can bind your hands with Beaver Builder. The free edition is brimming with incredible features that make it suitable for even the real world WP applications.

👉How to Build WordPress Sites Instantly with WP Beaver Builder?

All you have to do is start working with Beaver Builder. Start making your website using their instructions.

🤘🏼Beaver Builder Review – Is It Good Or Bad?

Despite its shortcomings, Beaver Builder remains a dependable and easy-to-use WP page builder plugin that I have used to construct stunning websites. Its clean code, developer-friendly features, consistent updates, and excellent support all combine to make it one of the finest page builders available.

🙌Why Have I Stayed Loyal To Beaver Builder For So Many Years?

You know the answer. It is the best. It just worked fine and there was no better alternative.

✌️ How to Get Started with the Beaver Builder?

The content section of WordPress is distinct from the header, footer, and sidebar. The Beaver Builder plugin enables the creation of layouts according to the content area. Additionally, you may use the Beaver Themer plugin to build layouts in places beyond the content area.

👋Is Beaver Builder Right For You?

It is. It is an excellent page builder with several unique quirks and features geared at experienced web developers. It has a slick UI and a respectable template collection, but it falls short when it comes to price.

😊How Beaver Builder works / Why use Beaver Builder?

It is a drag-and-drop page builder that enables you to quickly construct drag-and-drop page layouts from the front-end view of your site without touching a single line of code. It's lightweight and adaptable, with a plethora of design choices for all levels of WordPress users.

🥳What is a WP Page Builder Plugin?

A simple WP page builder plugin may enable you to create stunning custom layouts and landing pages for your site. With a page builder plugin, you can quickly and easily add any kind of content to a website by dragging and dropping ready-made content components, such as widgets, modules, and blocks.

🤩Is Beaver Builder fast?

It surely is. It is a drag-and-drop application based on the Bootstrap framework that promises to be quick and lightweight.

😄Is Beaver Builder SEO-friendly?

Yes, it is. You may certainly construct an SEO-friendly website using Beaver Builder if the other components used to make the website complement each other and are also SEO-friendly.


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Conclusion: Beaver Builder Landing Pages 2021

When you are making a landing page, you aren’t just making a single call to action but actually placing the foundation for your development of a marketing campaign.

Many small details need to be looked at while making a landing page. Don’t be afraid to use colors, pictures, and more to get an edge.

There is a way to look at a landing page and know whether it will or will not be high converting. There is a structure to it, but one does need to know the anatomy of the page to know if it does well or not.

To quickly recap, remember the call to action, also known as a CTA. Secondly, remember to put your value proposition in the header. That means the incentive, or the deal being struck. 

This is because if you are unable to catch the viewers’ attention in the headline, then there will not be any vested interest in the rest of the page.

This idea works for newspapers, articles, and ultimately landing pages. Don’t forget to use an eye-catching image in the background.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so don’t waste the space given on the page. Beaver Builder has an extremely simple method to add pictures and change colors that you can use to your advantage. 

Structure your landing page with ease. Landing pages are different from person to person, brand to brand, and company to company.

If you’re ready to start improving your conversion rates with landing pages, the beaver builder platform is an excellent place for a trial run. They offer free trials for all and no credit card required.

It’s incredibly easy to use and has many templates that can be customized for any campaign or business goal. Don’t wait another day before taking action on this powerful tool!

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  1. Beaver Builder gives a totally useful contact form for using landing pages. Through using plugins, you may additionally use the contact forms for more than just traditional uses. It is one of the best page builders available in the market that can work with any and every theme.

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    What i most admire about it is that it supports shortcodes and widgets as well. it means you probably have more room for customization.
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  5. Build your own website with Beaver Builder Landing Pages. This high-quality WordPress theme is perfect for any type of business owner looking to create their own site. With its simple drag and drop interface, you can build anything you desire without having to know how to code! you can read more about beaver builder on this site like features, uses and many more then you can decide whether to go for it or not.

  6. I LOVE BEAVER BUILDER! It makes building a website as simple as playing with Lego. The builders I’ve created all use this free WordPress theme and it lets me make my dream site without having any coding knowledge whatsoever. Plus, it comes with handy tutorials and great customer service.

    With hundreds of customization options to choose from, Beaver Builder is the perfect builder for anyone looking to create their own custom website—from small e-commerce stores to bigger corporate sites that still want that personal feel. Driving traffic to your site just got easier, too – they created landing pages specifically for people who need more direction selling you product or thanking donors who financially backed your project on Kickstarter!

  7. The Beaver Builder landing page builder is a great tool for those who want the ability to make an unprecedented number of changes to their website, as it’s all based on what would you like for your site. The Landing Page comes with a professional theme that will really give your site some punch and help it stand out from the crowd. With its drag and drop interface, Beaver Builder provides you with the ability to create a unique website without any coding knowledge required.

  8. Landing pages are a single call-to-action, which is usually related to a product or service. I used the Beaver Builder plug-in on my site and launched it in less than an hour with no programming knowledge! The process was so easy and straightforward. No need to hire someone when you can do it yourself.
    The free WordPress theme provides you with all the tools that you will need in order to create your own landing page without any coding skills required! With its drag and drop interface, Beaver builder offers tutorials and step by step instructions that help make developing easier and more effective for everyone involved in it. if you want to make your site professional then give it a shot today itself.

  9. Beaver Builder is an easy to use, free software that allows you to make your own website. With Beaver Builder, there is no coding required and building a site is only limited by the user’s imagination! Although it has many customizable options in its settings, one major downside of this interface design application is its difficulty when using multimedia content. Overall, I would say that Beaver Builder has helped me immensely in my efforts to build a new website because it eliminates much of the work and complication that usually accompanies this process.

    “I was able to create my perfect website template with almost half the effort than if I had done so without such great tools.”

  10. Beaver Builder’s drag and drop interface allows for a lot of freedom when customizing your landing pages. Jump right in with ease – it is easy to customize your domain name, logo, and content with just a few clicks. With instant previews before you launch, there are no surprises with this plugin!
    One of the benefits that I found most helpful was being able to see what my website would look like on mobile devices. This meant that everything looked crisp without having any change within the main site, instead just viewing at different screen size options. recommended.

  11. I’ve always struggled with making my own website or blog. I tried Blogger, Wix, Tumblr, WordPress and everything in between but it just wasn’t for me. When I found out about Beaver Builder landing pages everything made sense! Being able to see what my site would look like before actually launching it online is genius. Now I can make the types of changes that are best for me- because after all, this is MY space to be creative!

  12. Beaver Builder is a versatile theme with many innovative features designed to help you create your own quirky website, without having any coding knowledge. As the name suggests, Beaver Builder uses customizable grid-like modules that are designed for building websites that are easy to use and clean in design. The landing page contains screenshots, video tutorials, and a live preview section that will allow you to see what your site looks like as it is being built before launching it online. This means you’ll have the option of using Beaver Builder on any number of sites because Landing pages are available for one call-to-action which can be related to product or service.

  13. Fancy yourself as a website owner? With Beaver Builder, you won’t need any coding knowledge to create your own unique site using their lovely free WordPress theme. With its slick and editable layout combined with light styling and editing capabilities, anyone can build themselves a fantastic looking website in an instant! And the landing pages are nothing to scoff at—they also come complete with screenshots, video tutorials and live preview sections that allow you to see what your site looks like before it goes online. The Beaver Builder plugin can be used on any number of sites so you don’t have to worry about having the same design for every one of them.

  14. You’ll love Beaver Builder because it has drag ‘n’ drop features that will allow you to build a website without any coding skills. With over 1100 free WordPress themes and plug-ins, you can create a layout perfect for your ideas and share it with the world.

    Don’t let this opportunity pass by! Get your site up now before someone else does!

  15. The Beaver builder has provided some really useful and simple tools for building landing pages that optimize conversion rates. I find it to be a handy form of marketing for products, especially if you want to keep things simple and lightweight. Really great experience overall!

  16. If you’re looking for an awesome way to boost your conversion rates, then you’ve come to the right place! Beaver builder has everything you need. With their drag-and-drop landing page builder, you can create all of the pages that are on your website without having any coding knowledge. Their easy interface lets anyone with no background make a professional looking page in only minutes! Best of all, they offer over 50+ modern WordPress themes specifically designed to help businesses like yours generate more leads and make more conversions on any site.

    The plugin also comes with advanced yet user-friendly features like form integration so it’s always possible to communicate efficiently with visitors from anywhere in the world!

  17. I was looking for an easy to use landing page builder and I found it with Beaver Builder. You can build your pages using their drag-and-drop interface, which is really forgiving. Building websites has never been easier than this before!

    If you like spending hours on website development but hate the feeling of not knowing what you’re doing nor where the buttons are then Beaver Builder is perfect for you. They have products that can be configured in just a few minutes, so no matter how little time you spend on understanding code or other technical web design terms, they will still work out great!

  18. It’s really awesome to be able to make a responsive, mobile-friendly landing page in such a quick time frame. Beaver Builder is by far the best tool out there for this purpose! The free templates are beautiful and easy to use, and you can also build your own from scratch. Drag-and-drop builders will never get more intuitive than this.

    The contact form integration is perfect and seamless and I love that it doesn’t clutter up my pages while still being easily accessible if I ever need it! Their service costs too much money but they do provide an affordable monthly plan so I guess the pricing isn’t bad at all… But otherwise it’s great!

  19. Beaver Builder is a landing page builder that lets you build a responsive, mobile-friendly landing page from scratch. With drag and drop functionality, setting up your landing page will be simpler than ever before. The best part about this tool? They have CTAs optimized for conversion with attractive designs and Google Analytics integration so you get the information you need to get the most out of your marketing efforts! With Beaver Builder’s contact form plugin make it easy to gather leads like never before.

  20. I’m a freelance writer who works with small, medium and large businesses on their ads, marketing material and blogs. I used Beaver Builder to create landing pages for three of my clients this month. It was so user-friendly that it only took me 15 minutes to get everything set up! The templates are all very professional looking, which will help you stand out in the crowd. And they come complete with tons of features like clickable CTAs–meaning there’s no need for extra coding skills or software! if you’re looking for an easy way to build your own site or blog popups give Beaver Builder a try today.

  21. It only takes a few moments to get started with Beaver Builder and you can be up and running with your own landing page in minutes. They have templates, modules, system rows – you’ll always find something that fits your needs. Plus, they also have gorgeous designs that are tailored for conversions or just for making great looking pages. You don’t even need to know any code since it all happens through the builder interface which is fun and easy to use! I’ve been using this tool nonstop ever since I found them on-line not too long ago.

  22. When I first started my company, I actually used Beaver Builder to create our initial website. When we needed to do marketing for this new product, it was the only choice that made sense to me. It has so many features and capabilities that you can’t find anywhere else. For example, you can upload your site with their drag-and-drop interface so everyone on my team can work together efficiently. so I would recommend this to everyone who wants to grow their business with less efforts and money.

  23. I was working on creating a landing page when I realized that Beaver Builder had too many features to want to spend time sorting through just yet. This platform really has everything you need; it even gave me an interactive WYSIWIG editor. Choosing the pricing package was easy, and they offer generous discounts for yearly packages. You can choose between personal or team licenses – both will come with 24/7 customer support which is seamless and response-time is excellent!

  24. “I’ve been running my own online business for a year and was struggling to figure out how to create an eye-catching landing page. My old hosting company wasn’t doing me any favors, either – it would take forever just to upload anything onto their clunky interface.
    Beaver Builder helped solve both of these problems with one easy-to-use web app that increased the number of people signing up for my mailing list within days!”

  25. Beaver Builder has always been a go-to for my fellow web designers. Now it’s available to your clients too!
    I used this app with no experience and had my landing page up in under half an hour. The drag-and-drop features are so easy even kids can do it. They also offer comprehensive designer tools, free previews, unlimited sites on the cheapest plan, and extensive customer care if you’re stuck somehow -just give them a shout they’ll help you out right away at absolutely no charge! You can connect Google Analytics to all of your pages for accurate tracking as well as use modules that work across different design themes to save time instead of customizing every part separately. This is an amazing product.

  26. Beaver Builder’s drag-and-drop builder makes it easy to create a landing page that converts. Create responsive, mobile friendly websites in just a few minutes with templates built for conversion and features like high impact CTAs, attractive designs, and Google Analytics integration even on the least expensive plan. With unlimited sites at your disposal on the most cost effective plans there is no question about why Beaver Builder is rated as the best among builders of landing pages. Recommended.

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