Beaver Builder Booster Review 2021: Is It Worth Your Money?

Beaver builder booster now provides you with some easy to use options. Now there are effective editors that provide us with generic drag and drop characteristics, in addition to a broader spectrum of various inbuilt content modules/designs. To give a detailed overview we brought you this Beaver Builder Booster Review.

There is a lot to know about Beaver Builder, don’t worry we have got you covered with our Beaver Builder Review.

WordPress is now the go-to tool to build an amazing website with no prior experience and coding. WordPress has changed the entire website development with its very user-friendly features. To add to WordPress many themes and page builders are available to make the website building process even easier. One among the best is the beaver builder theme and beaver builder page builder. 

If you are a WordPress developer using a beaver builder, you must have already been very enthusiastic about the features provided by the beaver builder. Now to increase your experience even better Let’s talk about the Beaver Builder Booster. 

Beaver Builder Booster Review

This plugin provides an additional number of new modules to the Beaver Builder’s default module collection, which permits you to design website layouts, themes, and other custom-based features with an increased level of creativity.

Beaver Builder Booster Review

The entire module possesses extensive features of styling which complement each other and together enhance and improve the appearance and feel of your theme. These modules, likewise, utilize recently updated Beaver Builder characteristics such as responsive control, progress color pickets, and so on.

There are 10 modules that you will get with this particular plugin.

Beaver Builder

One of the module-based editors is Beaver Builder, it is technically a plugin that assists you in designing customized WordPress pages with the help of the pre-conceived frameworks and modules, without having to code any part of it. People who run their own websites or those developers/designers who construct websites for others can build up attractive content on their own, using Beaver Builder. 

If a user does not desire to build-up on his sites afresh, he will be able to accelerate the procedure by utilizing some of Beaver Builder’s off-the-rack page frameworks/modules.

The builder is coherent with WordPress UI. It ensures a reliable, quality-assured, and user-friendly experience and provides a technologically responsive and SEO friendly output. It provides import and export attributes, which helps you to reutilize other user’s designs. It also provides Multisite support that permits you to maintain and create a network of multiple websites on a single dashboard.

Beaver Builder is advantageous and yields benefits for the maximum number of users, website developers, and WordPress editors since it also offers true front-end modifications.

How does it work?

Basically, the beaver builder is not only a plugin but also a theme on its own that helps you develop a convoluted format in the defined domain of content of the page. Even though the page builder is authorized for pages, it can also make modifications for the content area of general as well as custom-specific posts.


Beaver Builder Booster Review-Working

A WordPress theme is an obligatory element of a WordPress site. It has authority over the headers, footers, and sidebar areas of your website.

For an exclusive post, it also provides the display of post details which includes the title of the publication, author, category it falls into, highlighted photos, etc. On the basis of the concept you select, you can also arrange or subdue these domains on independent publications and sites using the in-built templates of WordPress. 

Beaver Themer Plugin is an integral component of the builder that allows you to design layouts in domains outside the content domain, which are generally controlled by the theme.

This function allows you to particularize which pages the Themer layouts pertain to and which customers can have access to them. It provides you with the feature of saving your modules and content worldwide so that any modification you make in a particular place is reflected widely.

It also enables you to alter your content differently in each location. Hence it helps in producing custom editing surrounding for your customers by checking which format templates, modules, etc. are convenient to them.

Issues faced while using Beaver Builder:

  • Difficulty in adding customized CSS code to content modules.
  • No, undo the alternative provided to alter the content.
  • Limited spectrum in customization and module library.
  • The module library is an aggregation of constituents you can utilize to build your website. However, the modules do not go beyond the basics and are limited in terms of variation and styling. 
  • Limitations in all-inclusive design flexibility.
  • Difficult to resize, compress, and move the sidebar, which takes an unwanted space.
  • Highly dependent on CSS code to use advanced features such as resizing the images, custom fonts, button styling, etc. 
  • The average loading screen while using the Beaver Builder is much higher than expected.

Thus, to overcome the above challenges, a plugin was designed that integrates with the Beaver Builder and enhances its properties.

Modules provided in Beaver Builder Booster

  1. Advanced Google Map features

This is one of the most advanced versions of google maps features available in a plugin. It allows you to easily generate responsive maps with sophisticated features. You can effortlessly show your location by its address or latitude and longitude, and customize it from front-end as and when required.

Advanced Google Map Feature

It also provides a multi-location feature that enables you to display and customize a number of locations in a single map at the same time.

Whenever you need to provide your clients with a simple yet effective way to navigate through regional sections of your site or if you want to give some geography-related information on your page, this feature enables you to do it easily and effectively.

It allows you to implant an attractive interactive map into your WordPress driven site just by a few clicks.

Coming to the layout of the maps, it is possible for you to adjust the icon of the maps or personalize the Map theme style by changing the visual display of elements for instance roads, parks, and built-up areas or the combined presentation of the maps by changing the height, width, background color, font size, etc.

  1. Info Box

An Info Box is used to elucidate on the products and services you offer. This feature presents you with various layouts and themes as a way to compose and display information about your services on your webpage. You can add a captivating photo or icon or a generic title prefix, a catchy heading, illustrative if required and a button that takes the client further on a different link, to be acquainted with your products.

It is a receptive design that offers a cross-platform program, displaying your page on multiple browsers. It also provides a clean modern code, making it simple to write, read, and maintain your code.

Beaver Builder Booster Review-Info Box

  1. Image Box

This module provides Advanced display features that overcome the limited flexibility issue of Beaver Builder. You can resize or crop the image into several geometrical shapes such as Landscape, Panorama, Portrait, Circle, etc.

You can also specify the alignment of the photo within the column, if you display a text or a heading below the image, it will be aligned according to the selected image alignment. In addition, you can append animations, margins, and several features to the image box to make it more attractive for the clients.

Beaver Builder Booster Review-Image Box

  1. Flip Box

Flip Box is an advanced version of an Info Box, where you can adjoin a box to the display that will flip through the components inside the box. It is a combination of an Infobox and Calls to Action response.

You can apply diverse flip animations and add various information with many operations for cycling through the components. This plugin has a functional instrument for adding a reactive slider to your website.

Additional display options for example font color, border, and typography options that equip you to adjust the font size, font, and line-height with ease.

Beaver Builder Booster Review-Flip Box

  1. Advanced Progress Bar

The progress bar module allows you to display developments and progress in horizontal and circular progress bars with a number of styling options. It presents numerals in an animated fashion with the counter beginning from 0 and going up to the number or percentage you provide.

If you select absolute values to be presented, you can add a prefix such as an Rs. or a suffix to the number. These numbers can be displayed in a horizontal, circular, vertical, or semi-circular fashion. 

You can also set a maximum value in the bar to show a comparison of various items. The bar color and text specification can be provided along with the modification of the animation speed of the progress bar. 

Beaver Builder Booster Review-Progress Bar

  1. Before and After Image Comparison

An image comparison slider allows you to create horizontal or vertical before/after image sliders. These layout alternatives assist you to smoothly display and differentiate portrait and landscape images. You can have control over every element’s styling with extensive designing options, where you can reform the typography, colors, contour, border, and more, easily with the help of this module.

You can alter the generic Before/After label and add a custom text, as well as alter the position and styling of the label. You can also add multiple sliders on one page and alter their overall display.

Image Comparison

  1. Split text

This feature allows you to modify and highlight individual words a text by changing the typography, font color, and font size of the word selected. You can also modify the words and single background color of a label, replacing it with a multi-color background.

Split Text Feature

  1. Advanced Separator

The Separator module inserts a horizontal line to separate two pieces of the content. You can modify its style by changing the color, animations, visuality, margins, spacing, alignment, and other intricate features. It also allows you to separate the title and the description of the particular content. This can be a stylish single line, a line an icon, captions, and other modifications that make navigation easier.

Advanced Seperator Feature

  1. Social Icons

The Social icons module allows users to divide, like, or publish content to their own social networking sites and automatically put a link to the recent page or any other URL you particularize, for example, the home page of your website. The Social icons module includes Facebook, Google+, and Twitter, and you can select which one to display among them.

You can personalize every social network icon according to the designing of your website. This module assists you to increase your website performance, speed up your social shares, and get more connections and recommendations.

Other advanced customization options include a custom display of social icons, flexibility to select different layouts for the icons, shape, and size of the icons, alignment, and so on.

Social Icon Feature

  1. Spacer

A module is used to insert extra space between modules or anywhere on a page. It gives you access to general and other detailed styles for the rows as well as the columns. The general styles allow you to adjust the width and spacing between both the rows and the columns, while the advanced settings give you control over border width, color, and styles. It can also enable us to eliminate all margins from global settings.

Pricing | Beaver Builder Booster Review

The Beaver Builder Booster plugin is exclusive to a specific website subscription. It can only be downloaded from their website and can be enabled only if you have the matching subscription active using their configuration wizard.

There are various domains of beaver builder booster for instance,, and so on. available which contains specific modules and templates. The price range starts from Rs. 147.41 goes as high as Rs. 1079 depending on the particular domain.

Pros & Cons | Beaver Builder Booster Review


  • Minimum impact on memory usage as compared to other plugins with multiple features.
  • Improvement in page speed, that is, decrease in the average loading time while using beaver Builder (faster than 99% plugins).
  • No JavaScript problems.
  • Latest PHP version compatibility.
  • Free and Automatic system upgrades.
  • Latest WordPress version compatibility.
  • Optimized database footprint.
  • No activation errors.
  • No resource errors
  • No HTTP errors while loading the page.


  • After deactivating the subscription, information from other pages is not available. After activating again, the about page is not accessible and an error message is shown on the screen.
  • Higher PHP errors while reactivating.

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FAQs | Beaver Builder Booster Review

👉How does Beaver Builder Booster plugin work?

As soon as you install the plugin, you can initiate it and the additional modules by actuating on the Beaver Builder dashboard. After you refresh the normal Beaver Builder Interface, you will be able to see all modules accessible on the sidebar of the page. The code of this plugin is designed in such a way that it is compatible with both the WordPress interface as well as Beaver Builder interface. This makes it possible for users to avail of the modules of the add-on with ease.

👉What are the features of Beaver Builder Booster plugin?

The modules in this plugin permit the user to design and develop their web page’s layout more creatively. These modules have immense styling capabilities that permit them to blend with the website’s appearance and design. There are additional features such as advanced templates, animations, modifying typography, the colour of the background, display specifications that can be customized according to the user.

👉How will the user get benefit from Beaver Builder Booster?

The user will be exposed to a broader spectrum to enhance their creativity and build a more sophisticated website. The original version of Beaver Builder only has a basic format of templates and features to work with. The users are not able to design or modify up to their full potential. Thus, with a larger variety of features that complement the latest technological advancements, users can design hassle-free.

Conclusion: Beaver Builder Booster Review 2021 | Is It Worth Your Money?

It is a plugin, also considered as an add-on, which provides advanced features that are compatible with the interface of both WordPress as well as Beaver Builder, to optimize the usage of the builder and get the designers and developers a user-friendly experience that helps in enhancing their creativity to develop an attractive content page or post.

It complements the builder in a highly effective way by overcoming most of the issues faced by the users. It helps in uplifting the user’s work from a basic form to a sophisticated website. The modules provided in these plugins help speed up the website’s performance and present your products and services in a more attractive manner, add and modify new features with responsive designs that provide an SEO-friendly result.

This plugin will be a game-changer for all designers and developers who facing restrictions in developing a more creative page due to some of the inefficiencies of a basic/default page builder. Beaver Builder Booster has revolutionized the working style of many designers, now it’s your turn to try it out and experience the change. 

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